General Training

Clarity Human Services: New User Trainings

All new Clarity Human Services HMIS users are required to complete Clarity Human Services: General Training before they will be granted access to the system. Clarity General Training is offered via a learning management software as needed either for the first time or as a refresher. Users check their knowledge by completing the quiz questions in order to gain access to the system.

New users must also watch Protecting Data in an HMIS Environment: Privacy, Security, and Confidentiality prior to gaining access to the system.

New users must then contact their HMIS Administrator, Karina Gallegos-Ruiz, and she will request a new user account. Once the account has been set-up, the user will receive log-in credentials from the Bitfocus Help Desk.  For more information on signup/registration and completion please click HERE.

Clarity Human Services Frequently Asked Questions 

We're excited to offer this FAQ course! Our sole intent in offering this course is to get your answers quickly, efficiently, and in a way that is easy to learn. Here we answer questions that would typically result in a ticket through our Help Desk. We find that offering these resources ad hoc gives our users the ability to find answers quickly.


Additional Trainings

On-Demand Training Dashboard: Visit your On-Demand Training Dashboard to find all available general trainings from Bitfocus.