About Bitfocus

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BitfocusInc.  is a leading HMIS System Administration and Software Development firm providing value- services for both System Administration and HMIS Software Licensing.

Bitfocus, Inc. represents a unique blend of technology and public policy professionals that not only deliver the best possible technological solutions, but also work with stakeholders to use the data effectively for strategic planning, coordinated assessment, and performance measurement.

Bitfocus, Inc. is solely responsible for the development of the Clarity Human Services HMIS software application. Clarity Human Services is the most advanced HMIS software available in the industry, and is successfully implemented in numerous communities nationwide.

Bitfocus, Inc. was formed as a Nevada-based firm in 2003 and includes the acquisition of MetSYS, Inc., a California-based firm founded in 1994, with over 20 years of industry experience. Thus, the Clarity Human Services HMIS software is the result of over two decades of refinement, and Bitfocus, Inc. has amassed extensive resources and expertise in community-wide client tracking and program integration.